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New Service In House Repairs

Repairs & Refurbishments

Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd offers complete maintenance and repair service, either on site or in our Service Centres. All repairs are guaranteed to bring your pump to better than or equal to within 15% of the original performance curve.

All new re-manufactured and repaired parts meet current specifications. As improvements are made to a particular part for better pump performance, your pump will be upgraded automatically.

New Service FieldService

Field Service

Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd have had a very positive response to the tests from a varying customer base including mining, pulp and paper industries and general process industries, this expanding to a scheduled service for some of the customers looking to build a history base on the process costs and repair costs of the process machinery. Performance tests performed on site assists the customer in having to remove the pump, as well as a saving on transport to our works.

New Service Remanufactured Parts

Parts & Spares

Vac-Cent Services re-manufactures parts as and when they become available. These parts are offered as an additional option when quoting to repair your pump. On occasion complete pumps are manufactured.

New Service Corrosio Protection

Corrosion Protection

Whether New or Repaired, various coatings are available for a harsh environment for your Vacuum pump or Compressor. These may include Ceramic coatings, Cladding, Glass flake coatings or Stainless steel Body wear rings and Head face plates. The correct protection is selected when given the circumstances in the area.

New Services Service Exchange Pumps

Service Exchange Pumps

We endeavour to keep Service Exchange units available, so that you can minimise downtime while ensuring quality repair and replacement of your pumps. We can offer you a fixed price for replacement or this price can be determined after a replacement pump is sent to your facility and your old pump dismantled for assessment of needed repairs.

New Service Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Vac-Cent Services are committed to supply all our Customers with the highest quality products available. With the exception of the Bearings and Mechanical seals, liquid ring vacuum pumps are manufactured 100% locally with an after sales team to support the product. We carry the ISO 9001:2010 seal of approval and are proud to have this accreditation since 1994.

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