Sisco P/T Plugs

Sisco P/T Plugs
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Sisco Pressure and Temperature plugs/points are manufactured from either Brass or Stainless steel. These test plugs are mainly used for easy access to pipelines when checking the pressure or temperature of the product being pumped. In most cases when balancing an air conditioning system for the first time, it is important to know the upstream and downstream pressures on either side of the Frese balancing valve.

Why a SISCO Plug?

Zero Leakage to 1000 PSIG. The dual core seal design with the membrane coupler serves a dual purpose:

  • Dual core design allows the bottom seal to close, sealing your system before the probe is fully removed through the top core.
  • The membrane connecting the two separate cores maintaines true alignment for increased ease when inserting probes.

SISCO Plugs are Unique

  • Inject or Extract Substances from lines while in Operation.
  • Bleed Air or Gases
  • Separate Extension
  • Measure Flow Rates