EU 750

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The pumps series:

  • EU750 - EU1000 final vacuum 0,5 mbar (absolute)
  • EU750/B - EU1000/B final vacuum 10 mbar (absolute)

have a nominal capacity (50 Hz) of 750 and 1000 m3/h. respectively. They are lubricated, with oil recirculation system, rotary vane vacuum pumps.

They are suitable to evacuate closed systems or to operate at a constant vacuum within the following vacuum range:

  • EU750 -EU1000 from 0,5 to 400 mbar (absolute)
  • EU750/B - EU1000/B from 10 to 850 mbar (absolute)

They are complete with:

  • inlet mesh filter
  • check valve
  • gas-ballast valve always in