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CompAir South Africa appoints Vac-Cent as distributor


CompAir South Africa, a leading Compressor supplier within Africa has recently appointed Vac-Cent as a distributor of the entire range of Compressors within the CompAir portfolio. CompAir is, as NASH, a Gardner Denver brand, but other than NASH, falls under the "Products to Order" category. Through Vac-Cent's vast distribution channel, we are able to supply CompAir products to all of our existing customers in and around South Africa.

Mining and Equipment news!!


Vac-Cent Services has a reputation of being the preferred supplier of liquid ring Vacuum pumps and related equipment to large mining projects in Southern Africa. Due to the fact that the NASH pump can be trusted to deliver the desired performance on whatever the filter type, it is usually added to the Scope of supply for the filter manufacturer, no questions asked. Major filter manufacturers and minerals processing plant engineers agree, that a NASH pump is the most reliable and keeps on supplying the airflow 24/7.

More than 25 years of commitment

In 1987 Vac-Cent was formed by a hand-full of very committed and determined induviduals. For more than 25 years of service to industry, we now have a complement of more than thirty five people and still growing. Dedicated apointed Agents throughout our Sales area, completes this great team. 

Trusting the OEM is vital

Trusting the OEM is vital

Since Vac-Cent started operations in 1987, we have been producing New and have been Refurbishing Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps of many models and sizes, to the highest standard. All new pumps carry a 24 month Warrantee, all MHF/AHF pumps as well as repaired pumps carry a Warrantee of 12 months.