Trusting the OEM is vital

Trusting the OEM is vital

Since Vac-Cent started operations in 1987, we have been producing New and have been Refurbishing Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps of many models and sizes, to the highest standard. All new pumps carry a 24 month Warrantee, all MHF/AHF pumps as well as repaired pumps carry a Warrantee of 12 months.

It is often a misconception that the Original Equipment Manufacturer or Agent is far more expensive than the alternative repairer. Because of this many existing and potential customers have been pleasantly surprised. Liquid ring vacuum pumps and Compressors being refurbished are more often than not, very expensive capital equipment and equipment your plant cannot do without in most cases.

This certainly does not justify a premium to the new pump or the repair, but the fact that piece of mind is added, when the vacuum pump is re-installed in your system or plant.

Vac-Cent Services are licensee manufacturers of Gardner Denver NASH vacuum pumps and Compressors in South Africa and with this status come various obligations and regulations toward customers. They include............

  • Breakdown of repair work and supporting photographs with quotation.
  • Customer involvement welcomed and encouraged in the repair process.
  • New & Repair pumps manufactured & assembled to GD NASH drawing tolerances.
  • All pumps New and Repaired are performance tested prior to dispatch.
  • Quality Control Plans (QCP) on all new and repairs on customers request.
  • Maintenance contracts available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month service intervals on site.
  • Expert after sales Support & Service.
  • Experience in various Vacuum systems.

Stick to the original, you know its the best